Facilitation of the development of appropriate infrastructure

Services and strategy allocated to the development of Infrastructure In areas of greatest need and advantage. Negotiation, management and organisation of where when what and who will do it. The investment of specific developmental infrastructure and investment is crucial for the success of the program, this facilitates the "from the ground up" approach to building a better world.

Dissemination of a Philosophy of Peace

Dissemination and continuation of philosophy of Forgiveness, respect, integrity, honesty, love and tolerance of all people with a view to the slow gradual change of societal expectations and relations on a global scale.

Everybody loves somebody is the philosophy that extends into the  hearts and minds of all people, given this is extended on a global scale a shift in relationships between people is inevitable over time this we believe will result in a more peaceful world

One world through technology - a love of people.

Technology and associated social structures related to the philosophy of peace in a generation are utilised to capitalise on the perpetuation and justification of such a philosophy. When success options that are attainable and viable are offered to all,  there are few who will refuse the opportunity to improve their lives. as such social media is poised for a crucial role in the growth of a shared vision and greater understanding of how their lives can be improved. Over time this will continue to improve living standards and peoples live in 10 years in 20 years of such progress inexorably the world will become a better place.

Next Steps...

We believe it is your duty as a citizen of the world to teach model and perpetuate values of tolerance and love of individuals,respect and dignity of all people. If you would like become a volunteer in support of this peace initiative then fill in the form under contact us and indicate your choice. We shall respond to you and develop a plan for your support to take form and how you can contribute best with your talents and abilities. Thank you for your support