Peace in 5 Years

Equity for all people is we believe is a basic human right. It is also our belief that with the appropriate implementation of identified and specific  infrastructure where it is needed and can address the needs of people that as individuals may not have had those basic human rights will be offered realistic success options that are identifiable, achievable, and sustainable as such this represents  a significant step forward in the development of human rights, equality and the development of appropriate living standards in counties that have the greatest need including our own. We believe that given these options people will be motivated through belief with the realisation of real goals and achievements that a philosophy and action of support for others will develop. These  successes and betterment of their lives will lead to the adoption of  values such as love, tolerance, acceptance honesty and forgiveness, as such beginning a slow gradual but inevitable change in societal attitudes. When people are successful in their lives and have the chance to achieve what they want then the values of forgiveness and acceptance become realities. On a global scale the perpetuation of these values and attitudes can only realise the inevitability of peace and equity for all. In light of the current technological advancements such as social media transportation mechanisms, business communications the world is so close to one another  and as such the momentum of belief in the attainment of a better life for all this movement can only be supported by every leader who loves their people, every parent who loves their children, every person who loves somebody, for a future where children are born into freedom, is a momentous achievement and a moment in time that all humanity should strive for.

Through education and the teaching of these values the modelling of these standards by our leaders indeed the actors, the Musicians, the business people, the politicians, the Artists, people of influence and of like-mindedness will facilitate a change in global relations and attitudes never before seen in human history.

If you would like to be  such a person then support us by signing up under the contact us header and fill in your name and any details as a show of support in belief of equity for all.

There is no cost nor commitment associated it shows your support of the ideals that will realise peace to every individual on Earth.

Everybody Loves somebody we are all as one in this way. We are one world, we will achieve peace. When there is no opposition what is it that can prevent this belief and action to realise peace for all.



Next Steps…

We believe it is your duty as a citizen of the world to teach model and perpetuate values of tolerance and love of individuals,respect and dignity of all people. If you would like become a volunteer in support of this peace initiative then fill in the form under contact us and indicate your choice. We shall respond to you and develop a plan for your support to take form and contribute in the best possible way.

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